Recently, news media broke a story about rice being manufactured out of China. It was made from plastic. Plastic. And believe it or not, no one is doing a thing about it.

Ingesting just a small amount of plastic can have dire consequences, now imagine eating a meal of plastic Chinese rice. They’ve gone too far.

While this rice situation has gone too far, China sells America a lot of food items.

And given that they create plastic rice, you’re better off avoiding these 10 common foods imported from China.

Scroll through this list and make sure you never buy them from China ever again!

  1. Tilapia Fish

This Chinese fish-farmed food are the most toxic fish you can buy. These fish will eat anything including their own waste. Chinese seafood farmers won’t even let their children eat this fish, but they’ll gladly sell it to Americans.

  1. Cod Fish

Cod is also a fish commonly farmed in China. This fish thrives in its own waste and more than 50 percent of American Cod comes from the disgusting Chinese fish farms.

  1. Chinese Apple Juice

This pesticide-rich product can poison your children. And to make matters worse, half of all apple juice sold in America comes from China. China could care less about feeding Americans food soaked in pesticides. You should completely avoid apple juice, unless you want to be poisoned by the Chinese product.

  1. Processed Mushrooms

Talk about tainted food. US inspectors found that some Chinese manufacturers lie and label their processed mushrooms organic just to capitalize on the trend and increase their profits. Since 34 percent of

processed mushrooms come from China and they commonly use fake “mystery mushrooms”, avoid these altogether unless you know they came from America.

  1. Chinese Garlic

US inspectors frequently find tainted garlic coming from China. These cloves are sprayed with chemicals which can affect your health and leave a terrible aftertaste. 31 percent of garlic sold in America is imported from China.

  1. Chicken

Chinese chicken was approved for sale in America in 2013 by the US Department of Agriculture – this might have been the biggest mistake in recent years. Their chickens must deal with avian influenza and food-borne illnesses. Plus, Chinese chicken is fed pesticide-rich food and grains.

  1. Plastic Rice

Fake rice is making China millions each year. They use cheap potatoes and fake synthetic resin to create the product. Long-term effects from this rice might be cancerous.

  1. Mud (AKA Black Pepper)

One Chinese vendor scooped mud off the ground and sold it as black pepper to unknowing Americans. They also sold flour as white pepper. The Chinese doesn’t care what they sell to Americans so long as it makes them lots of money.

  1. Industrial Salt

Unfit for human consumption, the Chinese grinds it up and sells it as table salt for the last 13-years. This product can cause mental and physical problems – including reproductive problems.

  1. Green Peas

In 2005, investigators found fake green peas in China. They combined snow peas, soy beans, and green dye to trick American consumers. These were shown to include cancer-causing ingredients.

Did you know that these common foods imported from China were so dangerous?

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