The United States has had to reap the consequences of some unfortunate and disappointing Democratic presidents in the past decades.

Jimmy Carter begun in 1979 by holding back the Iranian army. His actions lead to Iran’s terrorist state overruling the Iranian government as a result.

Next on the list, we can thank Bill Clinton for conducting the Monica War on Iraq. Despite these men not doing a darn thing to help America, they sure gave a helping hand to Iran.

But the most wanting and lowest of all the Democratic presidents that has bruised the nation with the most damage is, none other than Barack Obama. Without holding any apprehension, we can clearly see and prove, Obama was the most unfavorable of the Democratic presidents thus far in US history.

..and rightfully so.

He’s a proven Terrorist.

Reported by thedailydeplorables:

Pretty much immediately after Obama was inaugurated into office he took troops out of Iraq. By doing this, he basically let Iran take over Iraq without any hesitation. The problem for us? This decision cost us 500 American soldiers.

At the time, Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, aided Obama in creating a platform for negotiating with Iran directly. Hillary was a major factor in the deal, dubbing her “the groundskeeper.” Former CIA Analyst Fred in Obamabomb stated: “A Dangerous and Growing National Security Fraud, the nuclear deal with Iran and the Obama administration’s defense of it are full of deceptions and dishonesty.”

Of course, the deal was full of “deceptions and dishonesty.” Just take a look at the criminals who were involved. The Obama Administration provided false narratives to the media in order to applaud the horrid deal that they had made. On top of that, the Obama Administration provided $150 BILLION in sanctions relief directly to IRAN. Oh yeah, and one important thing wasn’t included in the deal. They never even mentioned to Iran anything about them attempting to gain nuclear bomb capabilities.

After all of this nonsense, on January 17th, 2016, the Obama Administration covertly sent $400 million to Iran. How did they send it? On an unmarked cargo plane… not sketchy at all. They exchanged the money for four Americans being held captive by Iran. Something is wrong with this picture. We shouldn’t have to pay the bad guys to give our citizens back. Another major issue with this exchange, Obama approved the release of seven Iranian terrorists that were being held captive by the U.S. Obama’s lying-self claimed that the money wasn’t ransom money… even though we all knew that it was. Later, the State Department made Obama out to be the liar he is when they confirmed that the money was, indeed, ransom money. On top of that, $1.3 BILLION more was given to Iran, just because. (Seriously guys, this was the guy in charge of the entire United States. Scary, isn’t it?)

To make the story even more ridiculous, Jewish News Service Yeshiva released a report explaining exactly where the money went that Obama had sent. It went right to a terrorist group, Hezbollah.

From the Jewish News Service Yeshiva:

According to a Saudi Arabian newspaper report on April 25th, Hezbollah had received $600 million worth of Iranian aid. The Al-Youm newspaper reported that the aid was transferred almost completely in hard cash, and is being used for the terror group’s institutions and salaries paid to its terrorists and their families.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that is headed by Hassan Nasrallah, its Secretary general. It was conceived by Muslim clerics and funded by Iran primarily to harass the Israelis who had entered Lebanon to increase stability in the north. Its leaders were followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, and its forces were trained and organized by a contingent of 1,500 Revolutionary Guards that arrived from Iran with permission from the Syrian government, which was in occupation of Lebanon at the time.

Hezbollah receives money from several sources including monies received from Shiite businessmen abroad, charity taxes, profit from Shiite websites in Iraq; and money received from Shiite imams in Iraq and abroad.

This nation was blessed when we elected Trump. He is finally acknowledging these terrorists and making them sh*t their pants.

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  1. Dorothy Grappo

    I will never be satisfied until I see Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama and Hillary Rotten Clinton in hand cuffs. Hillary is at the very core of all the corruption in D.C. with her partner in crime, Obama. Beginning in Arkansas,
    Hillary is not capable of living an honest, decent, God-fearing, respectable life. She’s in it for fame and riches and will do whatever necessary to achieve both — even ‘eliminating’ anyone who dare expose her. Vince Foster did not commit suicide.

  2. Diana7000

    Why has the pictures and or video been removed from the article? I’m seeing this done to almost every article now 🙁


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