It was a shocking scene in a Washtenaw County courtroom. Everyone in the courtroom was surprised by this murderer’s reaction to the victim’s grieving family.

The teen who admitted to murdering 18-year-old Jordan Klee sat smiling and nearly laughing as his victim’s family members read impact statements before the court.

Grieving mother Karen Klee had the opportunity to read her impact statement in a Michigan courtroom, just feet away from the 18-year-old who pleaded guilty to murdering her son.

But Klee’s mother, openly weeping had her cousin read her statement instead.

“This year was supposed to be a year of celebration … instead it was nightmare,” Karen Klee’s statement read. “On the nights I manage to sleep,” her statement said, “I hear my son scream for me.”

Ye, the murderer Danta Wright — handcuffed and looking like he couldn’t care less — just smiled, shook his head from side to side, and apparently even let loose with some laughter as Klee’s impact statement went on.

But, Judge David S. Swartz was not pleased to see the suspect grinning at the victim’s mother while she explained how much pain she was suffering because of the loss of her beloved son.

As a result, Judge Swartz gave prosecutors the chance to reconsider the plea deal they struck with Wright as a result of his guilty plea to the murder charge of Klee.

“(W)atching you sit there, smile and laugh and shake your head like this was no big deal, I’m very tempted to just say I’m not going to accept this sentence agreement,” Swartz stated. “We’ll go to trial, and if you’re convicted of felony murder, you’ll go to prison for the rest of your life. That means you’ll die there. That’s what I’m tempted to do.”

The prosecutor says Wright is a member of a gang who rapped about his lifestyle. Wright’s lawyer had a different story.

“Your honor, very briefly, it’s a rap. Raps don’t necessarily reflect reality,” he said.

In the end, Wright was sentenced for second-degree murder to 23 to 50 years. The family of Klee did not want to go through the pain of a trial.

And all the smiles then disappeared from Wright’s face.

“This was supposed to be a year of celebration,” said Courtney Klee, Jordan’s cousin who read a statement on behalf of his mother. “Of senior pictures, prom and graduation parties. Instead it was a nightmare. A nightmare no parent should have to endure.

“Jordan has no future. Jordan can no longer choose to go to college. Jordan can no longer choose to change.”

Later, Wright’s mother, 38-year-old Antronette Cartar said that she believes her son is innocent and that his mental health issues — which she wouldn’t describe, the outlet said — weren’t taken into account.

“My son has been through issues that they never even used,” said Antronette Cartar, Wright’s mother. “I can’t stop him from not wanting to snitch on somebody and I will be coming for an appeal

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Source: AWM

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