A North Carolina family visited their local sheriff’s office hours before deputies believe the father shot and killed his girlfriend and their two kids, and then set the family home on fire before turning the gun on himself.

On April 18, surveillance footage captured Aschod Ewing-Meeks, 26, asking to speak with the deputy at the Davie County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, USA, but he left with his family before they got the chance, local authorities said.

Two hours later, Ewing-Meeks shot his girlfriend Ashton Brown, 26, and their kids Bella, four, and eight-month-old Brixx, Sheriff JD Hartman revealed at a press briefing last week.

He then set their house on fire before shooting himself, the New York Post reports.

According to sheriff’s logs, the phone call lasted just 30 seconds, though it’s unclear if someone hung up or the call was dropped, Fox 8 reported. The deputy ultimately called back, but this second call wasn’t much longer, and lasted only 55 seconds.

Oddly, two more phone calls were reported between the deputy and the couple, as well. The third one lasted about two minutes and the fourth (and final) call, which occurred at around 12:54 p.m. lasted for more than six minutes. After that, the deputy appears to have called the number back but received no answer.

The deputy who spoke with Ewing-Meeks said the couple appeared to be driving around the local area at the time of the phone calls. Ewing-Meeks claimed that someone was following him at the time, though he didn’t give any specific details and would not share what exactly his location was.

Sadly, it was impossible to know that just one hour later, the entire family would be gone.
Investigators now believe the family returned to their home on Junction Road sometime after they spoke with the deputy. A witness claims to have seen the couple alive that day around 2 p.m., as they argued on the front lawn.

Then, after they went into the home, evidence suggests Ewing-Meeks shot and killed Brown and their two children before setting fire to the home and turning the gun on himself.

The good Samaritan raced to a nearby fire station to make a report, and first responders were said to be on the scene within three minutes. But despite their quick response, it was already too late for everyone inside the home.

The bodies of Brown and her son Brixx were found in the kitchen of the home, while Bella’s body was in the doorway of a bedroom. Ewing-Meeks’ body was found at the end of a hallway that led to the kitchen, a gun still in his hand.

Detectives arrived 15 minutes later and a search warrant was later obtained by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. So far, it’s been determined that the fire was intentionally set, though it remains unclear as to where it originated.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Source: AWM

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