A brave Brazilian mother recovered her 15-year-old daughter’s stolen phone by charging at the theft with her umbrella as he tried to escape on his bike.

CCTV cameras mounted on businesses in São Paulo caught them in action as the assailant forcibly grabbed the schoolgirl’s cell phone and pedaled away at speed.

The mom wasn’t about to let her daughter be a victim of phone theft. Instead, the fast-thinking mother quickly showed the bicycle-riding bandit that he had picked the wrong pair.

As the bandit made his getaway, images show the mother, 50, chasing after him and throwing her rolled-up umbrella at the fleeing figure.

phone thief

She appears to launch the missile with all her might, pulling her right arm all the way back over her shoulder before letting go. The unnamed mom quickly turned the only thing she had available into a weapon.

“I was so angry to see her face so scared that I didn’t think about the consequences. She tried to grab her phone back but it all happened so fast. I turned and ran after the guy and threw my umbrella to see if I could stop him getting away.”

“I was spitting mad. I kept shouting at him while hitting him, “don’t you dare steal from my daughter”. Then other people joined in and beat him up too.”

The robber allegedly dropped the stolen device when he lost control of his bike.

The thug was restrained by residents who laid into him with their fists, some kicked him while others dragged him by his hoodie. The livid mom continued to batter him with her blue umbrella.

phone thief

But the suspect fought back and soon broke free, fleeing empty-handed leaving behind his bike, flip-flops, and sweatshirt.

According to reports, both are recovering well after the incident and have vowed to be more vigilant next time. The attempted robbery was reported to the police and officers are working to identify the assailant.

In the video of the incident below, things only got worse for the guy from there:

Sources: Taphaps, Daily Mail

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