Liberal woman asks if abortion should be legal for a woman who isn’t married, was raped and is going to college… Ben Shapiro has the best answer!

Ben Shapiro shoots down the number one used tactic that pro-abortionists use to justify abortions. Give the most pathetic scenario for a pregnant woman, rape is always part of it, and say, “shouldn’t she have access to an abortion?” When in reality, 99% of abortions are preformed on women who consensually had sex and just don’t want to be inconvenienced by a baby.

From Young Conservatives:

There are very few people who can navigate and debunk liberal arguments like Ben Shapiro.

The guy is just a genius.  Plain and simple.

There’s a video of him talking about abortion that’s going viral and it really speaks volumes about Ben’s ability to take liberal arguments and undress them in front of a large group of people.

I love watching Shapiro take down every liberal argument with logic. Pure logic and truth, no one can argue that.

This woman gives him the most pathetic scenario of a rape victim and asks him what she should do if she can’t get access to an abortion. Shapiro shoots down her argument by saying, first off, people like him donate to organizations that are there to help women who can’t afford a baby. Second off, only 1% of abortions are preformed on rape victims and third, the scenario doesn’t change whether the horrible act of abortion is right or wrong.

Then towards the end, the woman thought she could come back with ” Have you donated to Planned Parenthood then??” Again, Shapiro tears down that argument with a “NO! I don’t donate to a baby genocidal organization!”

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