Everybody always seems to act like political parties are these entities that can never go away. Like they’re always going to stay the way that they are.

Hardly the case. Over the history of our nation, we have seen several changes in political parties. Hell, it’s how Abe Lincoln became President.

The fact of the matter is, political parties get often formed out of necessity and we have reached a point in our history where that necessity may be upon us.

Outgoing President Donald Trump is reportedly considering forming a new political party once he is out of office, according to people familiar with the matter.

Trump had discussed the idea with several aides and other close confidants in the past week, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing sources that the paper did not name.

The new party would be called the “Patriot Party” and would join other third parties, like the Libertarian Party and Green Party, according to the outlet.

Third parties have not traditionally drawn enough support to play a major role in national elections.

The last third-party candidate to win a statewide federal election was George Wallace in 1968, Business Insider reported.

The far-right segregationist Alabama governor won five states while running as the American Independent Party’s nominee.

It is unclear at this time how serious Trump is about starting this new party.

To be active in national elections, a new party must register with the Federal Election Committee after it has reached certain fundraising or spending thresholds, according to the FEC’s website.

Trump has garnered a large group of supporters since he emerged in 2016 as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, many of whom were not deeply involved in Republican politics before.

According to an aggregate of various polls from FiveThirtyEight, 39.3 percent of likely or registered voters approved of Trump as of Wednesday and 56.8 percent disapproved of him.

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  1. CrustyOldGeezer

    With over 75 million MAD VOTERS whose ANGER can be directed at the ‘republican’ hierarchy…

    Taking control of nearly ALL STATE organizations, and making it worthwhile to the national FOOLS to walk away with what little dignity they still have, WE, THE PEOPLE that FULLY SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP will have an INTACT, READY TO GO PARTY and just leave the RINOs off the Primary Tickets in 2022.

    Alter the name to the TRUMPLICAN PARTY for a few election cycles until the VOTER GAIN TRUST.

    74 Million, plus unknown numbers of “Independents” and 3rd party supporters because they have no place else to go and you are talking serious POWER.


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