During this year’s Super Bowl many good companies decided to get a “little political.” These 5 companies are now being boycotted for what they did in their ads.

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It is such a sad day to see so many great American companies willing to throw away their reputations and dollars just to play politics. At this year’s Super Bowl America was overloaded with partisan ads all targeting and endorsing major liberal political ideologies.

Many of them, in fact, set up ads that were direct attacks on Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Now many Americans are calling for a boycott of these 5 major companies!


The first company on the list is an American classic. It is also the LEAST repulsive ad on the list. Many people are upset with the singing of America the Beautiful in different languages, but frankly, it gets WAY worse at Number 2…

Lumber 84

Now for the absolute WORST ad of the Super Bowl. In fact, this one was so bad that they were only allowed to play the first half during the game.

Just watch as these 2 illegal immigrants come up against Trump’s wall but still make it into America using a big wooden door! What the hell is the message here?!

Air BnB

Here is another ad that many people found very inappropriate. Air BnB ran an ad called “We Accept” that ran a series of images of different people of different skin colors and styles.

While that in itself is not bad, their message of “The world is more beautiful the more you accept” was believed by many to imply that we should accept more refugees. This seems like a likely conclusion but debatable.


The Budweiser ad is a bit more straightforward. It shows an immigrant traveling to America, being harassed, but still forming the Anheuser-Busch company despite all the people against him.

While this does APPEAR to be another comment of Immigration in the US, Budweiser claims the ad was made back more than a year ago, before Trump was elected.


Now this one is…well…just dumb. In this Audi commercial, a young girl is racing and beating boys. Pretty cool, until her “Dad” starts talking.

He starts rambling off one feminist line after another talking about how his daughter can overcome diversity.


So there you have it. These are the 5 commercials everyone is P*SSED about and have begun boycotting the companies. While I personally only think the Lumber 84 and Audi commercials are REALLY bad, I will leave the final decision to you, the American people!

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