Donald Trump fulfilling his campaign promises before he ever gets into the White House is going to drive his political opponents nuts, even if his fulfillment of those promises benefits the American people.  Like saving their jobs.

If Mr. Trump is as successful as he plans to be in rebuilding the nation’s manufacturing base, it will be very interesting to see what the labor movement has to say in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

And there is one brand-new reason to believe Mr. Trump will be successful:  Carrier.   We’re almost two months out from his move into the White House, and Americans are already reaping economic benefits from the Trump victory.  And Trump is also demonstrating that he can do what his opponents tried to blow off as empty campaign promises.

Mr. Trump has turned his attention to Ford Motor Company as well.  Not one to waste time, Trump got right to it after his historic election as ZeroHedge reports:  “After the Nov. 8 election, Trump phoned Executive Chairman Bill Ford to discuss the carmaker’s plan to move manufacture of the Lincoln MKC sport utility vehicle to Mexico from a plant in Louisville, Kentucky, Fields said. The discussion helped convince Ford to keep building the Lincoln in the U.S.”

As has been pointed out before, this is real leadership — tackling the difficult projects right away in a professional and persuasive way.  And working Americans can once again be thankful that Trump has saved their jobs.

One of the many problems with the economic theories and policies that liberals embrace is their belief that there is a fixed size of the economic pie, meaning that one segment of the economy can benefit only if another one loses.  They do not consider that the size of the pie might grow, thereby offering benefits for all segments of the economy. This is a patently ridiculous notion, but it is a great theory if you wish to pit one segment of the economy against another as a way of buying votes.

Hang on, America.  In the spirit of Ronald Reagan, know that our best days are ahead.

Source:  ZeroHedge

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