Anthony Weiner has disappeared after being in the spotlight for “sexting” an under aged girl, but that’s not why he’s gone, it has to do with Hillary!

Weiner has been taken into protective custody until he can testify against his estranged wife Huma Abedin and her boss Hillary Clinton. After the sex scandal that Weiner was involved in, his laptop was seized and found to have thousands of top secret emails directly from Hillary Clinton’s server.

From USA Politics Today:

Weiner, in a sworn federal affidavit, claimed that the emails were put there by Abedin to protect Clinton and that if he didn’t keep his mouth shut he would be “joining Vince Foster.

Clinton is expected to be charged with corruption, murder and perjury at some point in 2017. Congressman Trey Gowdy has just ordered another $11 million in investigations to seal the deal.

According to USA Politics Today, Weiner has requested plastic surgery after he testifies. So he doesn’t go missing or mysteriously dead like many others have in the Clinton circle.

If this story is true then we have the Clinton’s in the bag! I traced this story back to Read Conservatives and they claim that this comes from sources inside the US Marshall’s Services.

We can only hope that someone will step up and risk their life for what is right! These crooks need to be taken down!

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5 Responses

  1. Slick Willie

    This is Probably ” FATASY NEWS ” , We wish it were True ! Show us the Proof !

  2. tom

    I bet Anthony dies in protected custody……slipped while picking up the soap

  3. mwood

    justice raises to the top, sometimes it takes a long time to do so. hillerys trial will suck in a lot of political thugs


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