It’s hard to believe but archaeologists facing stiff competition found an impressive 21 inch penis statue, believed to have been part of a cult ritual dating between    1800 and 500 BC. It is believed that it may have been used during animal sacrifices since animal bones were found at the site. No human bones were found however. Therefore, it’s unlikely that it is connected to human sacrifice. The statue was found during a dig near Gothenburg, Sweden. Scientists believe that the statue belonged to a fertility cult. Possibly offering a blood sacrifice on behalf of those who wanted to be fertile and produce progeny.

From The Daily Star UK

A giant penis statue — measuring an impressive 21 inches — has been unearthed by archaeologists in Sweden.

The girthy phallus might even have been used in blood sacrifices to a pagan fertility god, researchers said.

Dated to be from the Bronze Age, between 1800 and 500 BC, the penis rock was discovered during an excavation near Gothenburg.

It has been linked to a fertility cult, having been found alongside a lot of animal bones which hints that the area was used for sacrifice.

The lack of any human bones ruled out the theory that the phallus was a unique headstone.

Archaeologist Gisela Ängeby told local media: “It has a distinct phallus shape.

“I thought when I came across it that ‘oh my god it can’t be true’.

“I showed the picture to colleagues and there is no discussion, it has a very penis-like shape.”

The team think the remarkable rock might have already had a penile shape before craftsmen added extra details.

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