There used to be honest politicians that would do the right thing and resign the instant it looked like there was something that they did wrong that might affect their reputation.

I know of a politician on a local level where I grew up that one night, got into a drunken argument when someone started harassing him at a bar. What the guy harassing him didn’t know is that he was an elected official and had found out that his brother died the night before.

So, he wasn’t about to put up with anyone’s crap and threatened to knock the guy into the mirror behind the bar. When he realized what he had done, he went into the town hall and resigned the next day out of embarrassment. The town council ended up asking him to come back about three days later, with a total understanding of why what happened had taken place.

Now, if only we had more politicians like that.

After being charged with three misdemeanors on February 18, Republican lawmakers are calling for the resignation of Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg. The AG is now facing a serious battle with lawmakers in his own party.

Ravnsborg was charged with operating a vehicle while using a mobile electronic device, illegal lane change, and careless driving for his role in a September 2020 car accident that killed a man who was walking down the side of a highway.

South Dakota state Representative Tim Goodwin, the first Republican lawmaker to call for Ravnsborg’s resignation, stated: “It is a sad day, but we need to move forward as a state and do what is best for the citizens of South Dakota. That’s why I’m asking, or recommending, to our Attorney General to resign his post immediately, so the state can move on, the Governor can appoint a new Attorney General, and we can get this behind us.”

Ravnsborg has so far refused to resign, but he may not have a choice in the matter, as he may soon be facing articles of impeachment from the state legislature.

“I think that it hasn’t been fully determined exactly what happened and I don’t think the Attorney General has been held accountable for his actions. So I wouldn’t be opposed to further action by the legislature,” said Democrat State Rep. Jennifer Keintz.

The legislature is still considering the articles of impeachment, though they would only need a simple majority of representatives to impeach. They might be facing a more difficult fight in the Senate to convict, as conviction requires a two-thirds majority of the Senate to vote in favor.

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    I am sure that his resignation would bring his victim back to life.


      He did save the victim from being counted as a Wuhan Red Death statistic. C’mon man!


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