Liberals are enraged! It didn’t take long after her confirmation for the insults to come rolling in.

See how the internet exploded over this!

From Young Conservatives:

DeVos was confirmed in a historic vote, a tie, 50-50, broken with Vice-President Mike Pence casting the deciding vote for DeVos.

Liberals are now infuriated and not knowing which way to turn.

According to the Washington Examiner, Chuck Schumer claimed the vote showed that it was “rigged cabinet” because Pence cast a vote for his administration’s nominee.

More response:

And then there was the liberal roasting…

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  1. RandyF

    Seems to me that the Liberals have a difficult time in accepting the outcome of any vote when they lose. At least Fauxcahotas got shut down in the Senate for breaking a standing rule.


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