BLM thugs call for the killing of ‘the White House’ and ‘white people’… Yeah, that’s not hypocritical at all.

Even more shockingly the foul-mouthed BLM activist is a preschool teacher!

Conservative Outfitters | Shocking video has emerged on social media showing Black Lives Matter activists calling for the death of ‘white people’ during an anti-Trump protest in Seattle, WA. The YouTube account that uploaded the video claims the protester speaking is a pre-school teacher. Several of the highlights are quoted below:

“Fuck white supremacy, fuck the U.S. empire, fuck your imperialist ass lives. That shit gotta go.”

“And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your fucking White House, your fucking Presidents, they must go! Fuck the White House.”

“Pay the fuck up, pay the fuck up. It ain’t just your fucking time, its your fucking money, and now your fucking life is devoted to social change,”

As a great man once said, “hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Those are words to live by!

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