A now-jailed member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Gehad El-Haddad, was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation from Aug. 2007- Aug. 2012, according to his LinkedIn page.

El-Haddad was paid by the Clinton Foundation as its Cairo director until August 2012 while he also held several senior-level roles within the Muslim Brotherhood — including his role as spokesman for Mohammed Morsi, the brutal deposed Egyptian president supported by the brotherhood.

The son of a top Muslim Brotherhood leader, El-Haddad was educated in the United Kingdom and eventually occupied several top positions in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, including special adviser on foreign policy to Morsi, according to PJ Media.

The Clinton Foundation paid El-Haddad as he rose through the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2011 and 2012 during the “Nahda” Renaissance project — which served as an effort to bring back Islamic law and the caliphate — and he was eventually nicknamed the “Baghdad Bob” of the Arab Spring.

Gehad Clinton Foundation

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s absurdly titled “Freedom and Justice Party” had El-Haddad serve as its spokesperson.

In that role, he spread false news stories, incited violence, defended brutality against protesters and created false scenes of confrontation during the 2013 Rabaa protests.

Gehad Clinton Foundation

Morsi’s brutal regime was defended by El-Haddad on Twitter in 2012:

El-Haddad was vocal in his support of the torture chambers instituted by Morsi for the protesters that began to demonstrate their opposition in Dec. 2012.

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