ABC’s “The View” had a star guest on their show: Mr. Charley Pride.

If your not familiar with Mr Pride, he is one of the few black country artists to have had noticeable success in the largely white country music industry, and he was the first black musician to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

Whoopi Goldberg even admitted that his appearance was a bit of a starstruck moment for her.

But as everyone could have guessed, Pride was hit with an impending question after he made a live performance and began some small talk with the ladies on the show.

Their question was all about race relations:

“What is it like to be one of the first African-Americans in country music?”

You’ll love his reply…

According to ijr:

Haines: You sing the national anthem … But in 1966, you signed a record contract with RCA Records.

Pride: Yes.

Haines: What was it like to be the first black country artist?

Pride: Before I answer that. I told my wife I wasn’t going to get long-winded. I’m going to have to condense this down. You just mentioned “of color.” When I first started in this business, one reporter said, “Charlie, how does it feel to be the Jackie Robinson of country music? Charlie how does it feel to be the first colored country singer? Charlie how does it feel to be the first Negro country singer? Charlie how does it feel to be the first African-American country singer?”

Pride’s answer was one for the ages:

“I said I feel the same way I did when I was colored.”

You can watch the segment below, via ABC:

2 Responses

  1. Dean Whinery

    One of my favoites, but Charley Pride isn’t first of Africandescent on the Opry. ?way back before he, or I, was born, whenthe show first went onto radio station WSM, there was another. Sorry, fding memory won’t let me recall his name.

  2. Kilr

    One of the best country singers of all time. He has always been a class act and never allowed himself to be drawn into racial pandering by so called ‘reporters’.


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