Who would thought that she’s already in her late 60s…Well, Christie Brinkley just defies age in her latest Instagram post.

The former Sports Illustrated model is living proof that age is just a number.

On Tuesday, the 68-year-old is serving up yet another stunning Instagram photo, this time posing in a blue string bikini, showing off incredibly toned arms, legs, and abs while lounging on a cabana wherein she looked about 30 years younger than her real age.

Here’s what the supermodel captioned in her Instagram post, referring to her brand of Prosecco:

“I’m still working on my Driftwood Cabana and my bikini body… so If Im going to have a cocktail it’s def going to be my #zerosugar#zerocarb @bellissimaprosecco!!”

It’s not every day you’ll see a 68-year-old woman flaunting her body in two-piece swimwear, but Brinkley most certainly pulled it off with huge success. The bright blue bikini bottoms tied at the side and gave a flirty feel, while the top portion of the bikini tied around Brinkley’s neck in a simple, carefree display of effortless fashion.

The two featured photographs show Brinkley lying in her bikini, under what appears to be a perfectly crafted, open-concept pergola that was accented with perfectly placed oversized branches.

The star has long emphasized the importance of health, often while sharing body-positive messages from a tropical destination.

Here’s what Brinkley advised—continuing with an important caveat:

“Avoid the sugar and do exercise. It’s not about the size of your thighs, Vibrant good health will be your prize! ?????.”

Daily Caller noted:

Her hair casually fell to the side, and in one of the photographs, she had an arm in the air, in celebration. Of course, most fans were fixated on the incredible bikini photos that captured Brinkley’s natural beauty, but the Instagram post was intended to be a plug for her Bellisima Prosecco.

Brinkley promotes feeling good and staying healthy, instead of looking a certain way—offering a truly inspirational message. We love Brinkley’s funny captions, stunning photos, and inspirational advice. And we can’t wait to see what she’ll post next, on her vacation and beyond!

Source: TheDailyCaller

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