President Trump signed legislation on Thursday that will save the coal mining industry and the families who depend on it.

Hillary had promised to finish the job Obama started and kill all coal mining jobs which would have put thousands of families out of work. Instead, because of President Trump, they get to celebrate. Coal mining jobs will be safe now and they can continue providing for their families.

During the event, President Trump had one of the coal miners come up to say a few words.


President Trump thanks the coal miners and tells them that coal wasn’t getting the respect that it deserves here in America. He mentioned that, for defense, coal is a very important thing. Trump will fight for lower energy prices for all Americans. Once again, Trump comes through with another campaign promise.


What a great moment, to have the coal miners there for this very important moment in their lives. Share this article and spread the good news. When Trump says he’ll do something, he does it!

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