Republican in the House passed a new bill yesterday that would allow Trump to wipe Obama from the history books in one pass.

The Midnight Rule Relief Act will amend previous law, the Congressional Review Act and will allowing lawmakers to cut through the red tape and overturn Obama’s scandalous midnight hour executive actions all at once.

Freedom Partners, a D.C.-based non-profit, said the bill:

“The Obama regulatory agenda is like economic quicksand for American businesses and workers; the more they try to get ahead, the harder this administration works to pull them back down. Freedom Partners strongly supports these positive first steps to put important checks on government overreach and give appropriate scrutiny to regulations that threaten further damage to our economy. Americans called for an end to business as usual last November — Congress shouldn’t waste any time delivering on that promise.”

Couldn’t agree more. They continued showing how powerful a weapon this will be for Trump to use against Obama’s legacy saying,

“The Midnight Rule Relief Act would allow Congress to disapprove of multiple so-called midnight rules, regulations finalized in the waning days of the administration—using a single Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution, as opposed to disapproving of these rules individually.”

15 Responses

  1. Don

    Does it stop Obama from hiring people and putting them into Key Government jobs to disrupt President Trumps Agenda?
    Can Trump fire these people?

  2. snowflake

    Our Lord will Prevail!!..And I believe amongst a lot of others, The Lord put Trump in Office..America is being given a chance to make things right…Obama was Harsh Lesson!.. Take heed!!

  3. Nunyo Business

    Give em hell and then the basket at the highest speed possible at extremely close range.

  4. Janet

    Wonderful. Trump will make our country great again. Even for the screaming meemy liberals!
    Imagine that! For ALL AMERICANS!

  5. Cecil phillips

    It will All be over , January 20 ,2017, and Trump is just the man to do this, go president Trump, pull the knife out of this country’s back, and fix it where this can’t happen agen ever,

  6. Deppietinny

    I agree. They cannot leave him alone. He will prevail. I will support him.and I have supported him since day one.

  7. Meathead

    Donald Trump DID NOT acquire the business success that he has by not being able to overcome plots against him. Granted that his current political enemies will play much dirtier than business enemies, but the man has surrounded himself with advisors who know the ropes.
    Those who come against him may well be crushed in the process. It’s going to be interesting to watch their demise.

  8. Free American

    For a Muslim to try to destroy America, you guys think we are all crazy Americans? Guess what we will destroy your plans to conquer and destroy our country no and in the future.

    Its not alah that runs this planet, but good people by the will of our creator “GOD”!

    Now shove this one up your “A__” with a piece of pork meat!

  9. Eldora

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