We’ve been fighting against Communist China for many years, but we failed to realize Dems have been creating a homegrown Communist Party.

It is just ironic because many of them don’t want to be branded as socialists, but at the same time, they can’t afford to alienate their far-left base.

Recently, Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal this past weekend spoke at an event hosted by a group with roots in the Communist Party and whose leaders used the event to recruit new members.

He was not only attended an awards ceremony hosted by the Communist party, but he also spoke at it, Blumenthal has just raised the stakes. Good luck shedding that socialist label, now.

Blumenthal presented certificates of special recognition from the Senate to three winners of the “Amistad Award,” presented by the Connecticut People’s World Committee.

Excerpt from The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) spoke at an awards ceremony over the weekend hosted by a Communist Party affiliate whose leaders used the event to recruit potential members to the organization.

Blumenthal, one of the wealthiest members of the Senate, presented certificates of special recognition from the Senate to three winners of the “Amistad Award,” given annually by the Connecticut People’s World Committee, an affiliate of the Communist Party USA and the Marxist People’s World news site.

Blumenthal appeared even as Democratic leaders have downplayed allegations that many in the party support socialist or communist policies. President Joe Biden distanced himself from the left-wing ideologies during the 2020 presidential campaign, at one point bragging that he defeated a socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), in the primaries. Blumenthal used his speech at the ceremony to tout Democratic legislative policies, including voting rights reform, ending the filibuster, and the Build Back Better Act, according to the Yankee Institute, a free market think tank in Connecticut that reported details of the event.

Blumenthal was introduced at the event by Lisa Bergmann, a Communist Party member who blamed corporations for the “imperialism that exists in our world that is undermining the labor and environment.”

You can also watch Blumenthal’s remarks below:

Maybe we haven’t seen wide enough what these Dems are up to, but one thing is clear America will not fall against the hand of this Communist party, or have we and we just failed to see it?

Sources: Thegatewaypundit, The Washington Free Beacon

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  1. Dennis Karoleski

    So the leftist “hero of Vietnam” is also a supporter of an ideology committed to the destruction of America. Why am I not in the least surprised.

    • Luis D Rey

      Why are you surprised?
      All Democraps are either Socialists or Communists,
      Look at the very “ugly” Bernie Sanders?


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