I may have said this before but it bears repeating…I hate hidden fees with a blinding passion.

Every month when I sit down to pay my cable bill, any difference between the previous month and this month gets looked at and examined. Now, If I were an elected official I would be a bane to the liberals in Congress. Why do you say?

Well, I wouldn’t be able to let them pass or vote on a bill of any kind because I would be looking through it to know exactly what was going where. I was someone whose family vacations were planned almost down to the penny as a kid. Democrats don’t have that kind of discipline.

In a move that shocks pretty much no one, the Democrats are trying to add un-related far-left priorities into the COVID relief bill.

The COVID relief package, which should be focused on helping the American people and small businesses rebuild their lives after Democrats’ authoritarian lockdowns destroyed the economy, has been remade into a pork-filled bill that includes funding for several far-left policy goals.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, Democrats are trying to add a provision to the COVID bill to reinstate $50 million in Title X federal funding for “family planning services,” meaning organizations that perform abortions or provide abortion referrals. This will help restore a significant revenue stream for the radical organization Planned Parenthood.

The Trump administration ended that funding, but the Biden administration seems determined to undo all of the positive changes President Trump made during his four years in office.

“House Democrats are shamefully pushing a massive expansion of abortion on demand, paid for with tax dollars, in the guise of COVID-19 relief — including payouts to abortion giant Planned Parenthood,” Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said in a press release last week.
“This divisive agenda flies in the face of the ‘unity’ the Biden-Harris ticket promised to inspire,” she added.

In the press release, the Susan B. Anthony List also noted that this addition to the COVID relief package would mean that “Title X would once again become a slush fund for abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood.”

“Emboldened by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Democrats in Congress want to force taxpayers to bail out the abortion industry,” Dannenfelser said.

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