Democrat voters are terrified by the coronavirus. Election pundits agree that their fear was reflected in Tuesday night’s voting results. Desperate for a speedy return to the kind of America they had under Barack Obama, Democrats overwhelmingly chose Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders. Socialism is just too revolting in this time of crisis. They want familiarity and comfort, so they’re cuddling up to Biden like a teddy bear.

A quick return to normal

All this talk about the COVID-19 outbreak on CNN has liberals quivering at home, covered head-to-toe in hand sanitizer, and afraid to answer the door. They have a year’s worth of toilet paper too.

Progressives are desperate for a return to the thrilling days of yesteryear when Barack Obama dispensed liberal law and disorder along the border. They know that nowhere in the pages of history will they ever find a greater champion of the LGBQT New World Order than Barry Soetoro. So, they’re ready to settle for his old sidekick.

Biden left Bernie Sanders in a cloud of dust after Tuesday night’s primaries and he’s hoping to show Democrat voters that he’s just the magic silver bullet they’ve been looking for — to bushwhack President Donald Trump with.

Biden wants to be their Anti-Trump

Basking in the glow of his blowout over radical Socialist Bernie Sanders, Biden and his wife Jill took the stage to speak what was on everyone’s mind. “At this moment, when there’s so much fear in the country and so much fear across the world, we need American leadership,” Biden somberly spoke, trying to project a “presidential” tone. “We need presidential leadership that’s honest, trusted, truthful and steady, reassuring leadership.”

Biden finally tapped into the liberal Zeitgeist, with a little help from virus-inspired panic. Sleepy Joe suddenly woke up and realized that with everything turned upside down in the progressive world over the past few years, the last thing they want is radical revolutionary change. They desperately want to return to their comfort zone.

The adults understand that free Socialist stuff comes with a huge price tag. It isn’t worth the cost, when all they really want is for Trump and all his nasty accomplishments to go away. They see Joe Biden as the man to make it happen. They don’t see the big deal about that whole Ukraine shake down thing and who cares if his son Hunter Biden smokes crack?


Biden pushing Bernie off the big stage

Biden’s new “presidential footing” shows he’s ready to stand his ground to battle the “gravity of the moment.” Bernie’s going to feel that gravity too, as Biden throws him off the cliff.

“I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and passion. We share a common goal. Together we’ll defeat Donald Trump. We’ll defeat him together. We’ll bring this nation together.” He’s talking as if Bernie were already gone.

He may be right. Sander’s slunk back home after his miserable defeat Tuesday, without his customary appearance in front of his campaign staff. He needs to think long and hard about what his chances are. If he decides to stay in and fight, he’ll be weakening Biden before his battle with Trump. It’s not an easy decision.

The experts agree

Former opponent Andrew Yang was the first to figure it out. “The math says Joe is our prohibitive nominee. We need to bring the party together,” he told CNN. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is upset. “There’s no sugarcoating it, tonight’s a tough night.”

The chairman of Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, Guy Cecil, agrees. “The math is now clear. Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee. He’s going to fork over the cash and promises to “do everything we can to help him defeat Donald Trump.”

The timing couldn’t be any worse for Bernie. He doesn’t want to schedule big rallies, which would help him more than Biden. He may just decide to drop out now and self-quarantine in his beach house with a big bottle of something medicinal and about 80 proof.

13 Responses

  1. Whoombug

    We can’t go back; it’s just not possible, and would lead to the destruction of the USA.

  2. max

    they are lying about wanting to return to normal…..they want this to continue so they can use it against the president which has been their agenda since before the 2016 election!! they got embarrassed and shot down on their impeachment scam so they were looking for something else quick before the election!!

  3. Bill E. Bob

    “We need presidential leadership that’s honest, trusted, truthful and steady, reassuring leadership.”

    LMFAO! As if, you groping, hair sniffing loser!!

  4. Bubba Love

    Every Socialist is a wanna be Dictator! That includes every Democrat.

  5. Old wolf

    Now that’s funny … back to normal … what is Normal for a delusional democrat ? So far their normal is so far to the left I don’t think they know what is normal anymore . I guess just getting their heads out of their ass’s is a good start . See how things go from there . One way is to stop all this bull shit and help our country instead of helping yourself . I have no faith in any democrat … I lost all respect for them . That was their own doings for their corruption for power . lies to get rid of a president so they can fix the elections to win for more power to rule over the people , instead of ruling for the people . That’s the real difference between the delusional democrats and mr trump . Ones for their own power, the other is for power for the people . That’s why mr trump was voted in office . More then likely he will be reelected again for the same reason . For the people is the only way for the delusional democrats could win again . Untill then they will sit by the side crying like they did for the last 3 + years and for the next 4 years to . Like I said by their own doings … that’s the down fall of the delusional democrats normal
    Trimp 2020… make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere


    Biden and Sanders in the race is what we call nobrainers. There is no brain for Biden left and no way the country will buy into Socialism or Communism. The people need to get out and vote. That is all and in the process make sure the House and the Senate are filled with conservatives to save the country from these morons.

  7. max

    democrats are not being honest with saying they want everything to return to normal in the face of this pandemic! they want this thing to go on into the election year as far as possible to use against the administration. they have been instrumental in the spreading of fear and panic working thru certain main stream media outlets. it is very underhanded and they want the public to think they don’t want this thing to continue but behind closed doors, their normal meeting place, they are wanting this to continue thinking they will have an upper hand in condemning the president. wake up and see thru their crooked ways!!!

  8. Robert

    DemocRat “Normal” is being back in the business of stealing as much as they can. Corruption, graft, lies and probably more than a few murders are all part of their “Normal”!

  9. red

    mark, that pix about Biden as tonto is not good! Most Native Americans voted for trump and will again. WE DO NOT VOTE FOR LIBERALS AND CERTAINLY NOT DEMS, WHO HAVE DONE THEIR BEST TO DESTROY US FOR GENERATIONS. Look up the Tarahumara famine, which the dems ignored. 9,000 died in it in the 90s. The US has about a half-million slaves, most of the Native American children. the dems call it a low priority issue. they’re still at war with us, please do not make it worse. Biden? We call him Smokin’ Joe where’s my crack pipe.


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