Minutes after a new DNC chair was chosen, Wikileaks exposes his wrongdoings!

After some prodding from Obama’s people, Tom Perez entered the race against Keith Ellison who was backed by Bernie Sanders. Perez supporters say that he was “The most liberal member” of Obama’s cabinet.

Wikileaks tweeted a link to emails that expose Tom Perez for sabotaging Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign minutes after his win.

Tom Perez advised Hillary Clinton to paint Sanders as a “candidate of whites” to turn away minority votes.

I think the liberals have forgotten that America is wide awake now. You won’t be getting away with your evil intentions. Millions that were once asleep are now watching every thing they do.

You still have enough time to distance yourself from the far lift liberal. I know there’s a difference between you two. Come join American’s for America.  

You think this will actually happen or are all Democrats criminals? Please comment below!



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  1. Mary A Noriega

    Good reply Mimi…. The corrupt thieves…You never hear the liberal media call them out… So many of us just don’t know their evil deeds..Look at Hillary Clinton, decades of corruption,yet was able seek the Presidency… Bill is just as crooked…


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