Judge Jeanine is known for being blunt and not holding back when insulting someone’s intelligence level which is exactly the sentiments she expressed towards the lying liberal congresswoman, Frederica Wilson.

Florida congresswoman, Frederica Wilson, has been a Mainstream media hot topic after bringing some serious accusations against the President regarding a PRIVATE phone call between he and the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. Wilson claims that the President handled the call poorly by using insensitive phrasing and insulting the woman by not even knowing her husbands name which has turned out to be complete BS after Natasha Johnson released the actual conversation in its entirety to the public in order to set the record straight once and for all.

That doesn’t mean that we are just going to let Frederica Wilson off the hook, on the contrary, Mrs. Wilson should prepare herself for a life time of ridicule which is made that much easier given the ridiculous hats she insists on wearing EVERYDAY!

Via The Lutchman Report:

Well it turns out, Rep. Wilson has been on a mission to destroy Trump and the mainstream media has been propping her up. Judge Jeanine just obliterated Rep. Wilson last night in a clip that the liberal media won’t show you


Watch Here:


This wacky congresswoman needs to be put in her place and learn that she was absolutely wrong for exploiting the death of a fallen servicemen to attack President Trump!

Democrats just can’t come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump managed to out smart them and convince the majority of our nation that the Democratic Party is corrupt. Clearly he was correct and they just continue to prove that in a daily basis of corruption.

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  1. dave

    the liberals and democrats and republicans are working to disrupt the government of this country. with bull shit and lies. and keeping everyone else from doing thier jobs. the goal is to paralize the government and the enforcing of the law and then blaming it on the president, and they are being rather stupid about it, because they are inciting riot. and endangering the country. and the people. and they think that the people of this land are to stupid to see what they are doing and the effects it is haveing, and it is going to blow up in thier faces. either at the next election or they are going to bring to much chaos and violence to the people. and then the people are going rear up and step on them for it. BEWARE.


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