Kristine and Michael Barnett adopted Natalia Grace in 2010 , a girl who was supposed to be six years old. But instead of a sweet little girl, she turned out to be a thirty year old sociopath, who suffers from dwarfism and  that terrorized the family. They subsequently moved to Canada and left the sociopath behind. Now, they are facing charges for abandoning her, even though she is an adult and she lied to them.

During her time with the family, she tried to kill members of the family multiple times by putting bleach and other chemicals in their food and drink. She would stand over family members at night and she stashed knives throughout the house,but even so authorities plan on charging them with abandonment for leaving her behind when they moved to Canada.

From The Daily Caller

The Barnetts adopted Natalia, a Ukrainian suffering from dwarfism, in 2010. After she exhibited a pattern of strange behavior, medical tests were performed which ultimately resulted in the Marion County Superior Court in Indianapolis to legally declare in 2012 that Natalia was actually born in 1989. Despite this, the Barnetts are now being charged with abandonment of a dependent after they moved to Canada without Natalia, according to the Daily Mail.

While Natalia was living with the Barnetts, the adoptee allegedly attempted to kill members of the family. “I saw her putting chemicals, bleach, Windex something like that, in my coffee,” Kristine told the Daily Mail. “I asked her, what are you doing? She [Natalia] said, ‘I am trying to poison you.’” 

Kristine says that Natalia used to be found “standing over people in the middle of the night” and stashed knives around the house. She would also “make statements and draw pictures saying she wanted to kill family members, roll them up in a blanket and put them in the backyard,” Kristine told the Daily Mail.

Even after Natalia was legally determined to be an adult by the Marion County Superior Court, the Barnetts still assisted her in building an independent life. In 2013, the Barnetts helped Natalia get “her own lease… and paid for a year” before moving to Canada.

Despite this, the Barnetts were charged with abandonment of a dependent on September 11 based on a series of bone and skeletal tests carried out in 2010 that determined that Natalia is a child. Additionally, police have declared Natalia a “reliable and credible” witness and are leveraging a 2014 testimony in which she claimed she was “left alone” by her adoptive parents, reports the Daily Mail.

Justice is not only blind, but it’s deaf and dumb too.

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