Maria Ladenburger was a medical student who regularly volunteered her time at a refugee center. The 19 year old girl was riding her bike home from a party just hours before they found her body in the Dreisam river.

From Daily Caller:

A teenage Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested after allegedly raping and drowning a 19-year-old German student in the city of Freiburg. The student was the daughter of a top EU official, the UK’s Sunday Express reports, and volunteered regularly at a refugee center.

The 17-year-old migrant was arrested Friday after he was identified by CCTV footage and his DNA was matched to the crime scene. The suspect, who arrived in Germany in 2015, has remained silent during interrogations.

The murder struck an already on-edge Germany after a similar incident took place two weeks later. A 27-year-old jogger was found dead Nov. 10 in the nearby Endingen forrest. An autopsy revealed the victim had also been raped before getting killed, but investigators have not found any connection between the cases, The Local reports.

Though I understand that not all refugee’s are violent and dangerous, the fact of the matter is that they are coming in with the other refugee’s and we don’t have a way of telling who is who right now. This is why it’s important that Donald Trump doesn’t open up America to all refugee’s.

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