Conservative commentator Jamie Dech dropped a nuclear bomb last week when he predicted that Barack Hussein Obama would try to leverage his “political and media infrastructure” to bypass the current presidential election and try to either enter the race as a candidate or to utilize martial law in order to make himself president for another four years.

“I believe, depending on Republican race results and possible agitation in the aftermath, it’s possible Obama could try for a ‘third term,’” Dech wrote last week forEagle Rising. “I don’t think he wants to give up the White House next January, if he can help it.”

A disturbing video has just surfaced from earlier this year that proves Dech may be on to something. In the video, Obama is seen claiming that if voters had the choice, they would vote him in for a third term.

“I think if I ran, I could win,” Obama claimed while delivering a speech in Ethiopia. “But I can’t.”

Obama went on to discuss the many riots and protests occurring in this country, most notably from the Black Lives Matter group and George Soros funded groups as he pointed out that martial law could eventually be instated.

“So, if there is massive unrest by groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ — enough to cause a need for martial law, with National Guard action and all – then, if he declares himself king of the White House, how would he be stopped?” he asked.

The prospect of Obama being in office for a third term is terrifying, yet if you look at the many times he has bypassed congress during his presidency, we wouldn’t put it past him.

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  1. Aynomous

    You might praise yourself as a good president but let me and and mmillion others praise you, you have got to be the worst POTUS ever …….ou will go down ands the low life you are…


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