Each and every one of us experiences a difficult period at some point. We beg for assistance—from loved ones, a higher power, or merely in the hope that someone will do so or send us a sign.

However, what would you do if you found $43,000 in old furniture you bought from a thrift store?

Howard Kirby has had a challenging few years between a divorce, a family death, and a health worry. Kirby, a recent retiree who resides in Michigan, just bought a couch for his man cave from a Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Most homes have one or more sofas, and anything can be concealed inside of them. Who hasn’t cleaned their couch and discovered chocolates, munchies, remote controls, and old coins?

But Howard Kirby discovered something extra…

He noticed that his couch was uncomfortable for a while but disregarded it. But when he and his family turned to look more closely, they found a staggering $43,170 inside the ottoman!

“That’s when she started pulling out this. I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming or something,” Kirby said, holding up a fistful of cash.

Stuffed inside the ottoman were stacks of $100 bills.

In addition to losing a kidney and a family member to cancer, his son had also, regrettably, lost his job. He could have benefited much from the money because, as a divorced man, he had been struggling for a while. But he said, The Holy Spirit just came over me and said, ‘No, that’s really not yours.’”

Kirby knew it wouldn’t be right, even though a lawyer informed him that he could legally keep the money. Instead, he made a call to the thrift shop and requested them to locate the couch’s donor.

Kirby met up with the family and handed every penny over to the rightful owners, as the furniture store was tracked back to Kim Fauth-Newberry, who had donated her late grandfather’s couch.  She was astounded because she had no idea there was money in the ottoman.

Being a born-again Christian, Christ in me is the one that actually gave the money back. Remember the bracelets, WWJD? Well, that’s what Jesus would do,” Kirby said.

In total, there was $43,137 in the used ottoman.

After Kirby’s community heard about his good deed, he received numerous offers of support. With a kind soul created a GoFundMe campaign to support Kirby financially and was able to earn $16,000 for the struggling grandfather, saying that he would do it again right away, regardless of the support.

“Just because I did something right people want to do something for me. There’s so much there, so much joy,” Kirby said.

“I don’t know how to say it, I’m blessed,” Kirby continued, “I’m blessed beyond words.”

“I’m blessed beyond words. I have had so much peace, so much joy because I did do it, that $43,000 never could buy that much joy or peace or happiness.”

Despite Howard Kirby’s own medical bills and home repairs mounting, his religious conviction prompted him to track down the rightful owners and return the money.

Watch the video report below for more details:

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  1. Ron Hopkins

    Damn! This guy is one hell of a good person! Think about it! $43,000 and he returned the money to someone who never knew they had it! Could you do that? Could I do that? Good man!!!!


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