In a world where civility seems to be eroding, a recent video has resurfaced, showcasing an incident in which a man on the subway chose to spit in the face of a fellow passenger, only to find out that he had picked the wrong person to target. This event serves as a stark reminder that actions have consequences and that engaging in aggressive behavior can provoke an equally, if not more, aggressive response.

As reported by the NY Post, the incident took place at 34th Street in Manhattan when a man decided to spit in the face of another subway rider not once, but twice. This display of aggression was seemingly fueled by the fact that the targeted individual was on the other side of the closing subway car doors. Believing that he was safe from retaliation, the man who spat remained on the platform, displaying no intention of leaving the scene. However, his assumptions proved to be gravely mistaken.

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To the astonishment of the man who spat, his victim managed to pry the train doors open, unleashing a barrage of punches on the aggressor. The video captured the man’s fury, demonstrating that there are dire consequences for crossing certain boundaries. As the person filming the encounter exclaimed, “He’s livid! It’s over!” the man who had been spat on delivered a relentless beatdown, eventually knocking the offender unconscious.

While onlookers attempted to intervene, the person filming the incident warned them against getting involved, stating, “Nah, nah! “He spit in his face!”


The victim was seeing red and unable to contain his anger, delivering much more than was needed to neutralize the threat. The subway spitter was left unconscious on the ground, and the counter-assailant retrieved his phone before walking away, screaming profanities at his foe.

It’s unclear when the incident occurred or on which platform, but the footage was posted on multiple social media platforms, including Reddit and YouTube. While neither the MTA nor the NYPD responded to requests for comment, it’s clear that spitting on someone amounts to assault, and the target of such an attack will often react in the same way they would to being hit.

subway spitter

Spitting on someone is a violent act, and it’s likely to cause a violent reaction. Before launching your saliva, you better be ready for the consequences. It’s better to walk away. The subway spitter received what he deserved, and it serves as a warning to anyone who engages in violent behavior that there are consequences to their actions.

While beating someone unconscious is never the right response, many wouldn’t blame the victim for losing control in this situation. Spitting on someone is one of the most cowardly and disgusting things one can do, especially when it’s done in a moment where the attacker thinks there will be no recourse – like when the doors to the subway train are closing.

The incident serves as a reminder that violence is never the answer, and individuals should strive to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and productive manner. It’s crucial to remember that one should not underestimate their intended victim or overestimate the ability of a couple of moving doors to protect them.

Sources: Taphaps, NY Post

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