Talking about whistling while you work. Lindon Beckford, who works in the patient transport department at a Boston hospital, takes that adage to a new level. Not satisfied with schlepping gurneys from room to room, this native Jamaican has turned the hospital into his own personal concert hall

In fact, he strolls from ward to ward singing–from Kenny Rogers to Jamaican reggae, R&B, and gospel. He infuses the hospital hallways with soulful melodies to bring a touch of grace to people in their hour of need.

Beckford has been working as a patient transporter at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for over 30 years, and he loves cheering up his patients with his soulful voice.

What Beckford desired is spreading joy at the hospital where he offers his service. When he is asked to transport patients who just come out of the operation room, he wants them to be relaxed and happy. So he changes the mood of the patient by singing to her or him.

STAT uploaded a video on YouTube showing Beckford singing to his patients as he transports them from one hospital room to the other. As he sings to them, one just cannot miss the satisfied smile that the patients give him back.

When he meets his patients, he warmly greets them and gives them a smile. Then he introduces himself, saying, “My name is Lindon and I’ll be your chauffeur,” as can be seen in the video below.

About his own passion for singing, Beckford says in the video, “I was always singing at work. I was always singing as a child growing up so it was a natural thing.”

“Thank you for my ride,” said Barbara Tipon, who suffered a brain tumor. “You make me feel healthy again.”

Beckford reminds us that no matter how big or small our job is, we can help others, even if it’s just one tune at a time.

Watch Beckford’s inspiring story here: Stat/Youtube

Source: AWM

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