Amanda Holden is the sexy singer that has served on Britain’s Got Talent judging panel since 2007. While Amanda can pretty much rock whatever she wears, over the years she has been called out numerous times for inappropriate looks.

Since ‘BGT’ is a family show, parents feel like she should cover up but others feel like she should be free to express herself and wear whatever she wants.

Now, Amanda’s choice of outfit for Britain’s Got Talent’s latest semi-final has sparked serious controversy.

While this dress probably would have been popular among an American viewing audience, in Britain, it was starkly offensive. Some people could see Holden’s nipples poking through the low-cut dress, and people online could not stop talking about her body.

Although Amanda’s nipples may have been visible during the broadcast, she was proud of her gown. Ahead of her appearance on the reality show, she shared an image of herself in her gown with her 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

She captioned the post: “BGT tonight at 8 pm @itv! So excited for a show full of incredible acts + we get to see a theatre show (finally!) with a performance from the cast of Hairspray.”

One took to Twitter to post: “Is it my eyes or are Amanda Holden nipples nearly falling out of the dress.”

And another tweeted: “Amanda’s nipple is out of her dress, how embarrassing! Someone should’ve told her.”

“Is it me or Amanda’s nipples nearly hanging out of her top?” one person wrote on social media. Others commented on how the shadows of the microphone and the dress itself did not help her case.

One less-than-impressed viewer slammed Amanda for wearing such a revealing gown when there was a good chance children would be watching.

Tweeting Amanda directly she told the judge:

“I have to agree with a lot of the comments on here tonight about your dress Amanda & have to ask you why you feel the need to dress like that on a family show?

“And it’s not jealousy certainly not from me, it’s just not appropriate. I mean come on you were short of a full frontal!”

More details from AWM:

Holden was one of four judges during Britain’s Got Talent’s semi-final acts. Holden was chosen to replace Simon Cowell as head judge after he stepped down from the program this season. The other judges seated beside Holden were Alesha Dixon, Ashley Banjo, and David Walliams.

Cowell suffered a motorcycle accident and has broken his back. Because of the crash, he has been forced to step down from the program so he can heal. Holden has expressed sympathy for Cowell and revealed that she has not been able to sleep well because thoughts about Cowell’s accident keeps her up at night.

She told The Sun: “I honestly panicked. It could be fatal. I felt physically sick, as I didn’t know how bad it was. I wanted him to be alive, but I also wanted him to be able to walk as he’s such a good friend.”

Watch the video report below:

Source: AWM

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