A high-ranking Treasury Department adviser pleaded guilty to conspiracy on Monday. She purposely leaked confidential banking documents to a BuzzFeed reporter.

Deep state operative Natalie Edwards was a senior adviser in the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Apparently, she thought her position would make it easy to help remove President Donald Trump from the White House.

As described by prosecutors, starting in October of 2017, Edwards downloaded and transmitted “suspicious activity reports” linked to Paul Manafort and his business associate Rick Gates, the Russian embassy, convicted spy Maria Butina, and others.

BuzzFeed used the leaked information in articles about Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt into non-existent collusion between President Trump and Russia. Mueller’s final report admitted defeat, stating, “he had not found evidence of such coordination.” Gates succumbed to the torture and pleaded guilty to tax fraud just to get it over with. Manafort was convicted of financial fraud.

SAR reports, prosecutors explain, are “filed confidentially by banks and other financial institutions to flag for law-enforcement entities what they believe are possibly illegal transactions.”

The key words there are confidentially, flag and possibly. The reason why they are confidential is just because a transaction may look suspicious to the computer, it isn’t always illegal.

The unit that Edwards worked in was the central clearinghouse for the data. That’s where the Treasury Department “maintains a centralized database of such reports, which can be accessed by law enforcement for investigations and other matters.” Edwards used it like Google.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kimberly Ravener gave the judge a preview of the evidence they would have presented if they did end up going to trial. For starters, they had “Treasury records that show Edwards saved SARs to a flash drive.” Then they would lay out all the “numerous” encrypted conversations between Edwards and the reporter.

She entered a guilty plea on a single conspiracy charge before U.S. District Judge Gregory Woods in Manhattan. “I transmitted a file containing or disclosing the existence of a SAR. I am sorry for what I have done and I apologize to you, your honor, and the court.”

She still doesn’t really believe that what she did was wrong. When the Judge asked if she understood that what she did was illegal, Edwards hesitated. Her lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, came to her rescue, asking the judge, “Are there circumstances where one can believe they are doing a greater good by doing it than by not doing it?”

After the hearing, he clarified for reporters, “I think she was of the view that certain critical facts weren’t being handled the right way by the government agencies whose responsibility it is to handle these things. And so I think she did something that will be near and dear to all of your hearts, which is that she went to the media.”

Her sentencing hearing has been set for June 9. Her plea deal notes that if she gets a slap on the wrist sentence of six months or less, she waived the right to appeal. The maximum for the charge she faces is five years in federal prison.

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  1. Robert

    Give this lowlife seditionist the max 5 years in prison should give her a little time to reflect on her crimes.

  2. Big Ed

    Is there anyone in government who is not willing to break any law to hurt the president? Every day another of these swamp creatures raise their ugly heads and make another shot at attempting to have Trump evicted from the White House. I’m terribly sick and tired of it and I think the cure is to throw the book at any and every one of these criminals as soon as they’re ferreted out. Give her the full five years.

  3. Nikita63

    She SHOULD get the full 5 years but being a Democrat , will get a slap on the wrist sentence and an early release and as always, at the expense of and to the detriment of us all!

  4. JackPowersIII


    Here is a little insight for you; John O. Brennan is a domestic enemy.
    James Comey is a domestic enemy. Hillary Clinton is a domestic enemy, as is
    Nancy Pelosi. Andrew McCabe is a domestic enemy, and so is Rod Rosenstein.
    Maxine Waters is a domestic enemy and so is that nasty, lying rat Adam Schiff.
    Steny Hoyer is a domestic enemy simply because he allowed all of this
    DNC crime to go unchecked. Mitt Romney is a domestic enemy because yup,
    he’s been on the take, accepting monies via The Ulkraine Laundramat, and he might as well be a Democrat. Bruce Ohr is a domestic enemy, and that constipated fat-ass
    Jerry Nadler is a domestic enemy too. That evesdropping son of a bitch
    James Clapper is a domestic enemy as is Peter Strozck. Charles Schumer is a domestic enemy and a criminal-pedophile as well. John Podesta is a domestic enemy who just happens to be Vladimer Putin’s financial advisor. Debbie W.Schultz is a domestic
    enemy, and at one time was Podesta’s lover! Donna Rice and Vallerie Jarrett are domestic enemies, and still work for That FAUX POTUS OBAMA, and he’s a domestic enemy too! Joe Biden is a domestic enemy but he isn’t aware right now of actually who he is. His wife Jill knows, but she ain’t saying that this is really all about her unending
    desire to be 1st-Lady-domestic enemy. Pretty much, if you add in ‘The Squad’ and the rest of the dense-brain idiots on The Left Side of The House, The DNC IS OUR DOMESTIC
    ENEMY. Practice, shoot-straight. There are a lot of domestic enemies to defend Our Republic, against!

    • Babs

      Love it.All so called Democrats are domestic enemies and Communist ass kickers for money

  5. Phil F

    Give the DC Swamp dwelling scumbag the max, 5 years and let her appeal away. She leaked the confidential info because she suffers profound TDS but that does not give her the right to leak confidential info.
    It’s time to severely punish DC swamp dwellers, no more wrist slaps.

  6. Lobo

    what about hillary, peolosi, comey, schumer, schiff, Brazil, Nadler and let us not forget some of our own FBI. Now the news outlets are appalled the some are accusing biden for being a rapist. Every man in prison up on that charge should be released. After all sick joe won’t even comment.

  7. John F Grychak

    This Traitor that worked in the IRS, that handed over SAR info to undesirables should be given the maximum sentence.


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