Hillary committed treason and all of the liberal mainstream media channels have completely turned a blind eye to it.

You will hear uninformed American’s say it ALL THE TIME… “It was never proved that Hillary did anything wrong.” Ummm, yes, yes it most definitely was! The reason that so many liberal Americans are ignorant of this is because of the media. They refuse to report on any of the crimes or scandals that have come out of the White House while democrats were in charge.


From Viral Liberty:

Hillary Clinton sent a classified email from her private server AFTER she left her secretary of state post, but the networks hid it, according to the New York Post report.

A heavily redacted email was submitted by the State Department to ABC, CBS, and NBC—and the news networks chose NOT to tell the American public the classified email was in Hillary’s possession after she was once again a private citizen.

The classified email was reportedly sent on May 28, 2013—months after Hillary stepped down from office.

A classified email sent by the Democrat contained details about the “123 Deal” with the United Arab Emirates, according to the scathing report by the Post.

The “123 deal” referred to a 2009 agreement with the United Arab Emirates to share material and technology for nuclear energy. Hillary Clinton’s obvious treason has been in a media blackout! Mainstream liberal media refuses to report on anything that is damning to a democratic politician.

Now they are launching a full on smear campaign to trash Donald Trump. Why? because he isn’t a democrat and he’s undoing all of the damage that Obama has done to our country. They know about Hillary’s crimes, they will just never report it because they’re all probably in George Soros’ pocket!

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