Despite what the media wants to tell you, Hillary Clinton began and spread the worst rumors about Obama being a Muslim not born in America.

Including spreading this infamous photo in a last-ditch effort to smear Obama.

But that wasn’t all. The campaign was preparing to go after Obama not just for his Muslim background, but for his admitted used of cocaine.

Via Politico:

A big-money group that included some of Hillary Clinton’s top allies tested the effectiveness of attacking her 2008 rival Barack Obama for his admitted use of cocaine and his connections to Islam, hacked documents released Friday show.

Of course, Hillary and her allies want us to forget it. And the media is obliging.
But we know the truth.

Hillary will stop at nothing to get elected, including smearing her opponent with lies and half-truths and dangerous insinuations.

Keep that in mind with all of these Trump attacks. Hillary is ruthless, and won’t let the truth get in her way.

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