A Philadelphia woman punched out by cops during a wild, 2018 caught-on-video beach brawl in New Jersey is getting the last laugh.

The scuffle began when cops confronted Emily Weinman who was with her boyfriend, her 18-month-old child, and a friend — about having alcohol at the Jersey Shore beach during Memorial Day weekend.

During the encounter, she lunged at an officer, which led to two officers fighting with her to take her into custody. The out-of-control woman was eventually arrested and pled guilty in a plea deal stemming from the charges.

Now, despite her admission that she was in the wrong, she successfully sued the two officers and their agency for $325,000.

She was 20 at the time when she was seen on both bystander and police bodycam footage being wrestled to the ground and punched twice by one of the officers while she screams.

When police began to question her about illegally drinking alcohol, she became belligerent.

Emily Weinman was awarded $325,000 by the city after she filed a federal lawsuit claiming she was “brutally and senselessly assaulted” by the police.

In the police video, Weinman is seen apparently attempting a breathalyzer test to determine the amount of alcohol in her system. The officer begins to write her a ticket for the alcohol violation. As the officer asks Weinman for her last name so he can write her a ticket for the alcohol seen on the beach, she tells him that he does not need it and sits back down.

The officer, obviously frustrated, tells her that he is done with her and asks another officer if he has cuffs on him. Weinman then gets up and begins to walk away from officers while screaming for her boyfriend. The officer orders her, “Get over here.”

Weinman refuses to comply: “Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me,” she screams.

The officer, who clearly intends on arresting Weinman at this point since she is refusing to cooperate and continues to walk away, warns her what will happen if she refuses lawful orders saying, “Alright. You’re about to get dropped.”

Weinman shouts: “Yo, don’t touch me. What are you doing? Don’t touch me.”

Another officer applied two fist strikes in order to get pain compliance from Weinman, who still refused to surrender her hands. While being struck by the officer, Weinman yells:

“You’re not allowed to beat me like that. I’m a woman. It doesn’t matter. You’re not allowed to hit me like that and choke me.”

The strikes were effective, and the officers were able to secure her in handcuffs. Weinman was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. Weinman was also banned from ever returning to the beach.

In court documents filed, the city’s attorney wrote that Wildwood had agreed to a $325,000 settlement with Emily Weinman after she filed a lawsuit against the city alleging two seasonal police officers had “brutally and senselessly assaulted” her during a dispute over an unopened alcoholic beverage on the beach.

The lawsuit alleged that the cops used excessive force and fabricated evidence against Weinman, of Philadelphia.

Despite these facts, Weinman was allowed to sue Wildwood and the police department federally in Pennsylvania. Her claim was that the officers exaggerated her active physical resistance to “justify their unreasonable and excessive use of force.”

Weinman was charged with a number of crimes, including two counts of aggravated assault, throwing bodily fluids in the third degree, resisting arrest in the third degree, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of justice.

She pleaded guilty to a single disorderly conduct charge in 2019 and was banned from Wildwood for one year.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: Taphaps, The Philadelphia Inquirer

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