Liberals scoffed at Donald Trump opening an investigation on voter fraud and the claims of Millions of votes Hillary probably received from illegals like this one…

Well look what is proving to be true! This illegal immigrant brags about voting for Hillary 5 TIMES! She’s paying for it now.

Watch below…



From Viral Liberty:

Mexican citizen Rosa Ortega blatantly registered to vote in 5 different cities in Texas. It’s bad enough that she was allowed to vote ILLEGALLY in 5 different polling places, but here’s the kicker…the portion on her license that identifies her as a non-citizen was also checked! Ortega was sentenced to 8 years in prison and will be deported to Mexico after serving her sentence.

Liberals looked at Trump like he was an idiot when he said he was going to open an investigation into voter fraud. They said there was “no evidence”, well this looks like some crystal clear evidence to me! Bring on the investigation Trump!

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