It’s not surprising these days to see big celebrities out there shilling for the Dems and fighting against President Trump. Well, you can take Dr Phil off that list, at least for now, after the amazing thing he just did for the Las Vegas shooting victims.

Instead of using the attack as an opportunity to attack the President or demand the eradication of guns, Dr Phil got on a plane, flew to Vegas, and personally visited the shooting victims himself.

It was not all just a photo-op for the TV psychologist either. Daily Mail reported that Phil actually listened to the shocked survivors and offered them therapy. He helped the reveal their repressed feelings about the attack and told them the best steps to take to move forward.

He even ended it with a unifying message for the whole country instead of the normal Hollywood blabbering we are used to,

‘We saw Americans rally together. We saw them helping each other get out of this killing field. We saw them lined up around the blocks standing for hours to give blood. We saw the American spirit come through. America is alive and well and this isolated event is not going to break the American spirit.’

If you agree with Dr. Phil that the American spirit is alive an unbreakable despite all these attacks meant to ruin us, share this out and let our enemies know they WILL lose.

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