Former FBI director has conspiracy written all over him and private investigators are strengthening this theory.

Conspiracy theorists are ramping up as President Trump nears the end of his first year in office. Thanks to the Russian collusion accusations switching back and forth from one party to the other, and the fact that the Las Vegas shooting evidence continues to baffle the mind, conspiracy seems like a logical culprit at this point.

In retrospect, conspiracy theorists have and will always find a way to look harder than necessary in order to see something that has, in the past, been an illusion of obsession . That however, isn’t always the case and a true belief in conspiracy often leads to a different approach to the interpretation of certain events or speeches.

Such is the case with a recent series of Tweets believed to have been posted by former FBI director, James Comey, while using a secret Twitter account to which he has previously admitted to having made without divulging any further information.

Conspiracy theorists have done their homework and claim to have uncovered which account Comey uses in secret as well as revealed the possible intended meaning that’s hidden with in some of his recent comments.

Via Liberty Writers:

The magazine Gizmodo figured out which account he was operating under and unveiled Comey’s secret. His Instagram account is titled, Reinhold Niebuhr. In his Senior year at the University of Chicago Law School, Comey wrote a thesis on famous theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.

This Thursday, he tweeted out with the caption: “Little Round Top, Gettysburg. Good place to think about leadership and values.”

There are many conspiracy theories about the messages right now. On Friday, Comey sent out a tweet with a picture of a man standing in a corn field saying, “Good to be back in Iowa.”

Iowa is the first state on the road to becoming to President. Is James Comey trying to send a message that we need a new President? Is this a death threat against President Trump? Why is the sun setting on the horizon?

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  1. Gregory Peterson

    Comey was bought and paid for by the Clintons, the Obamas and quite possibly George W. Bush…..he should be hung but a firing squad would be acceptable….


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