Freeloader on Judge Judy gets schooled! This woman thinks she shouldn’t have to pay her friend back because she is “floating in dough.”

As Judge Judy put it, “this is what’s wrong with our country!” The entitlement of some American’s is astounding! It’s a smack in the face to those who work hard to provide for their families.

If you choose to have a big family, fine, that’s wonderful! But do what you have to do to take care of that family and don’t act like those with more money owe you something. This kind of thinking makes no sense at all. This woman sounds like a spoiled brat! This is the Bernie Sanders mentality.

From Viral Patriot:

I assume if you hadn’t made five children you’d have a job, you’d work full time, and maybe drive around in a BMW. Instead what you chose to do is, you chose to have a gaggle of children. That was your choice… Your choice to have a lot of kids, she chose to have two, have a job, drive around in a BMW. What is that your business?

Boom. So what did Gebhardt say in response?

It’s not my business, but she had the money to give to me!

Why don’t we teach children that you have to work for what you get? And if little Johnny down the street does better, you don’t get his too. Amazing concept… Typical Bernie Sanders supporter, always wants to Freeload on someone else’s hard work.

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