When you are the vice-president you should know better, right?

Well, that isn’t the case for Kamala Harris.

Recently, she has been the talk of the day for her foolishness and complete display of ignorance towards their plan to upgrade federal cars into an electric vehicles.

I couldn’t explain how funny it is but what it here instead:

Watch it here: Rumble/Video

It was really funny when the video editor said, “Don’t do the cackle!” but Kamala did it anyway.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Prince George’s County, Maryland, to announce a $7.5 billion plan to construct an electric vehicle infrastructure system.

As part of the effort, a joint office will be formed between the federal departments of Energy and Transportation to oversee a goal in building 500,000 charging vehicle stations nationwide, especially in rural, disadvantaged and hard-to-reach neighborhoods.

Both agencies will also launch an advisory committee on electric vehicles and appoint members by the first quarter of next year. The joint office will issue guidance and standards for states and consult with manufacturers, environmental and civil rights groups and tribal communities.

“Climate change has become a climate crisis and it demands urgent action,” Harris said Monday, Dec. 13 at the county’s Department of Public Works and Transportation building in Brandywine. “The future of transportation in our nation and around the world is electric.” – Washington informer confirms.

Now tell me, how can a leader demonstrate us again when he could not even follow a simple instruction of ‘plug’ it only.

Well, she is a Democrat, who can not follow their own rules as they say ‘it is a rule for them.’

Sources: We Love Trump, Washington Informer

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