Hollywood liberal Ashton Kutcher thought he could say whatever he wanted about President Trump during the SAG awards.

Watch him receive a NASTY surprise. Kutcher gets DESTROYED!

According to conservativeworlddaily |

Hollywood Actor Ashton Kutcher used the spotlight at the swanky SAG awards to trash President Trump and criticizes his ban on immigration from dangerous nations.

He said, ‘everyone at airports who belong in my America, you are a part of the fabric of who we are…we welcome you.’


Unfortunately for Kutcher, Americans are fed up with privileged Hollywood actors telling us what we should think. Within minutes of his speech, Kutcher got publicly destroyed on Twitter.

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It’s a good thing the American people–who understand that President Trump is putting our own nation first–finally have a platform to fight back against this nonsense.

These Hollywood A-listers need to get a grip. It’s astonishing that after the last election, they STILL don’t understand that the American people don’t want to be told how to feel by Hollywood elites.

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Hollywood IDIOT!

3 Responses

  1. Suzi

    The list of actors I will no longer watch I getting longer, will watch the really old time movies instead.

  2. grannieJ

    has Ashton served in the Military, with long hours on watch, sent to places outside of the USA to help nations have peace and freedom? NO i bet. you hollywood leftist liberals are in a pretend world and reality drives you nuts. All you can do is play act, Grow up and support America, as she has supported you by seeing you horrible films’


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