Two Muslim men lead a prayer to Allah on the senate floor of Delaware… then this veteran steps in.

Allah and all of the beliefs that come a long with him are so anti-American, yet liberals love and “tolerate” them. Islam should never be tolerated in America and has no place here. If these spoiled liberal women want to know what oppression is, they should take a trip to the Middle East.

After two Muslim men prayed to Allah on the senate floor in Delaware, a veteran had something great to say. Watch below…

From Right Wing News:

“We just heard from the Quran, which calls for our very demise. I fought for this country, not to be damned by someone that comes in here and prays to their God for our demise. I think that’s despicable.”

Unfortunately, it was David McBride, of course a Democrat, that sided with the ‘Religion of Peace’ and spoke in rebuke of Lawson’s words:

“I have never been of the mind to censure the words of other members, but I also believe deeply that words have consequences. To criticize the sacred prayer of another religion from the floor of the Senate strikes me as antithetical to everything we ought to stand for as lawmakers.”

But that was exactly when Lawson came back swinging and hit McBride, pointing out a truth that CANNOT be denied:

“Their belief flies in the face of our Constitution. This is not our Bible, we should not be allowing them to pray from that book in our house, just as I do not believe I would be allowed to pray from my Bible in their house.”

Thank God someone had the balls to stand up and say something to call out this incredibly biased act. Why are Americans in office so afraid to not be politically correct? God Bless him for standing up for America and her people!

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    DEMOCRATS have proven themselves to be ANTI AMERICAN with their reckles attitud towars wWE THE PEOPLE

  2. Gary Posey

    I am so glad I switched parties. Democrats are Anti American and never do what is best for America. Muslims have an agenda and they are allowed to do this with an audience of Public Servants and one idiot backs them instead of proven he is an American.

  3. Robert

    The British have allowed their country to be inundated with Muslims and their violent Sharia laws. They’re only now started to fight back but it may be too little too late.


    GOOD JOB MR. LAWSON, Cheers!!!! Do not allow anyone to belittle our own beliefs and traditions.

  5. Jim

    So what do you people think is going to happen? I don’t know what’s going on with the American people this should not be allowed. I know that president Trump is taking out illegals how come they’re not arresting any of these Muslims threatening us that would be a good question put to president Trump

    • Walter Euler Sr

      I believe President Trump is very aware of what the danger is in having Muslims spread themselves all over this Nation. I also believe, it is only a matter of time when something is being done by our Government. There is no other way but to wipe out this threat by the Islam takeover. Please , google up = genocide of the peoples of Europe…. That will tell you the story. It all started out with this plan in 1923 already. The so called ‘European Union’ was just the beginning of this genocidal plan. Mother Merkel of Germany is also a promoter and received a high award from this traitorous group two years ago, and since has brought into Germany over one million of them. Look what is happening in all of Europe.

  6. Clare Croft

    To allow this cult against humanity to spew evil rhetoric in OUR senate is abominable period


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