Muslim immigrants come to America to try and force Sharia Law on us!

America is the land of dreams and immigrants come over here for a better life. Is that what Muslim immigrants want too? In the video below, it shows that Muslims do have a dream but that dream is to take over America with Sharia Law.

A Christian man and a couple of people holding camera’s tried to get some answers about a pamphlet that some Muslims were passing out at an Arab International Festival. The pamphlet reads, Uprooting the forces of evil, Islam’s war on terrorism.

They ran into a whole lot of problems when they tried asking questions about the pamphlet and even more for recording. They never got any answers and ended up getting attacked by security and a group of Muslims at the event.

These people have a completely different view of the world than western culture. They are not coming here to assimilate, they are coming here to change our culture. WAKE UP liberals! Yes our country is made up of all races, but they live an American culture in a nation under the constitution, not sharia law.

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  1. Allen Powers

    LOCK & LOAD . If you feel threatened, or feel your life is in danger. SHOOT to kill .PS. ;; The muslim cult has already threatened to kill all CHRISTIANS . so if you are christian consider your life is in danger. .


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