The left-wing network media wants everyone to think there’s some kind of secret plot to purge disloyal rats from “the bowels of the federal government.” The truth is that there’s nothing hidden about it. The “purge” is real. The infamous “hit list” is real too. “I don’t think it’s a big problem,” President Trump acknowledged. Neither do his deplorable supporters. Once again, President Donald Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do.

Nothing secret about it

On Monday, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley went on Fox News to clarify the confusion surrounding the recent “purge” of disloyal rats from the Trump administration. “Time and time again we see in the media,” he notes, “reports from people in the bowels of the federal government working against this president.” The cleanup won’t be confined to the intelligence community and the Department of Injustice. The terminations last week were only a drop in the bucket compared to the flood about to come. As Gidley confirms, “It’s not a secret that we want people in positions that work with this president, not against him.” They’re on a mission to seek and destroy. “When we find them we will take appropriate action.”


President Trump is fully behind the housecleaning, as Gidley points out. “The president’s been pretty clear about the fact he wants people in this administration who want to forward his agenda. Donald Trump was the only one elected. He was the only one that the American people voted for. They didn’t vote for someone at any of these other agencies, any of these other departments.” Talking to reporters in India, Trump also confirmed the “hit list” that liberals have been whining about for days. Sure they have a list, why not? “I don’t think it’s a big problem,” Trump shrugged. “I don’t think it’s very many people.” He wants civil servants who are “loyal to our country.”

There are roughly 4,000 “political appointees” named by Trump that he can fire at will. Gidley made it crystal clear that the administration’s swamp draining will go a lot further than that. They’re sifting through the “millions” of individuals in every federal agency to identify employees who make active efforts “to undermine President Trump.” That includes all the “career employees” who are protected by law from “political retaliation.” These people aren’t going to be fired because they express a political opinion, they will be fired because they defy orders and allow their opinions to interfere with their job.

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  1. Bill

    Good for you Mr Trump. While you’re at, I wish you put pressure on the State of Utah to impeach and remove Mitt Romney.

  2. Robert

    When loyalty to a President is the requirements to have a Government job or position there is the starting of a Autocratic Government, which Trump would like to see happen, when a President any President gets rid of the experts in the field who does not agree with him, why have a discussion if you refuse to listen to the opposing side that does not agree with your point of view, how can we overcome obstacles when only one point of view is allowed.

  3. Phil F

    Drain the damn swamp. The federal bureaucracy is bloated , inefficient and wasteful. Federal employees should be loyal to the American people which means they should be loyal to the President the people elected. The bureaucrats don’t have to like the President but they should implement his policy decisions without undermining those decisions.

  4. Rivahmitch

    And right behind those political appointees should be Senior Executive Service career federal employees who have three year contracts. Their performance should be reviewed and, if they have worked against the Presidents programs, their contracts should NOT be renewed.

  5. Rodger Shull

    Well why not have a HIT LIST, for those working in the deep state traitors, they have had a hit list out since 2016 and for one man only, and some others , that work with the POTUS, they have them all ready figured in as just collateral damage. I know i sure would have sent many packing , on 1-21-2017. In-fact I would have had their, papers all ready to be issued to them , back in November 2016. And I would have handed them out in person. And had the US MARSHALS , seize all of their files and computers. and stop their security clearances, And then walk them to the door. And with a smile and a hand shake, said THANK YOU .

  6. DonRS

    The DEEP STATE has demonstrated it is an out of control, self-serving enemy of the Country and our citizens.

  7. Lawrence OBrien

    It’s CERTAINLY about time !!! We’ve all seen the “abundance” of ‘unpunished’ leaks which have occurred during the past four years. At the VERY LEAST, a President has the RIGHT to expect ’employees’ who serve AT HIS PLEASURE to be loyal to the “boss”. If not, they can only expect one thing — “so long, it been good to know you” !!!!

  8. Walter Swartz

    This is Obviously something he should have done the day after taking office. It is something the left does without consequence from the 4th estate, the media.

    Reminder: Clinton fired every U.S. attorney the first week in office.

    Reminder: Obama fired every conservative appointed ambassador.

    Reminder: When George Bush fired 6 U.S. attorney’s, the media went nuts. . . . and that is to be expected. When being called on this . . . . Trump wold need to make sure he reminds the media, of my reminders above!

  9. warren

    I believe that is GREAT. I would not have waited 3 years. As a self employed individual I had to make decisions like this for the sake of the business and I believe that the President needs to do this for the sake of the country. they should also be labeled so they can’t work for the Federal Government again

  10. Big Ed

    I believe that the majority of these traitors were placed in the administration intentionally by Obama as a parting gift to the new president. Each of them is a time bomb, programmed to go off each time another crisis is overcome by Trump. The goal was (and is) to make certain that the pressure and controversy is continuous and is to result in the eventual expulsion of the president. Since it has, so far, been unsuccessful, the new hope is that Trump can be painted as a scandal ridden officer that his backers will tire of and to make certain he isn’t re-elected. Anybody who is capable of devising such a heinous plan is evil beyond measure. I am one of those backers and I applaud his efforts to eliminate these traitors, and he is still my man.


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