Post-election day, examples flooded in across the nation of young students grieving over Trump’s victory and colleges rushes to provide them with counselors, “healing spaces,” cancelled mid-terms, and crisis hotlines.

Now it appears that institutes of higher education have gone to even more bizarre lengths to comfort liberal millennials.

According to The College Fix, the University of Pennsylvania provided students with snacks, hot chocolate, coloring pages with feel-good messages, and actual cats and puppies to help them cope. Plymouth State University in New Hampshire is also offered coloring, according to Education Action Group. All-female Bernard College in New York City took it a step further with “feminist” coloring pages, according to Campus Reform, for students grieving the loss of the “first female president.”

According to PJ Media, the University of Kansas offered therapy dogs to mourning students. Tufts University in Massachusetts provided arts and crafts to aid with healing. And incredibly, in addition to coloring in coloring books, students at the University of Michigan readily complied with offers to play with Play-Doh as a way to work through their negative feelings.

But Iowa’s Republican state representative Bobby Kaufmann is firing back against taxpayer money being used for campus “safe spaces” and “cry zones” with his new legislation, the “Suck It Up Buttercup Bill,” according to Education Action Group.

Former New York City major and prosecutor Rudy Giuliani also had some harsh words for these types of college students, but he also said that traveling to college campuses has given him great hope for the next generation.

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  1. Coleen Harrell

    George Soros and our shadow government loves it. If they can keep them dumbed down and not grow up they are easier to control. Shadow government are the evil demon filled liberals who have ran our institutions colleges, white house, and others for a long time. Up until now when we American people and Christians woke up and said no more.


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