An anonymous source has released hundreds of hours of undercover audio recordings inside CNN, James O’Keefe reports on it.

CNN has been in the limelight since Donald Trump has been president, because he isn’t afraid to say something about it. President Trump now refers to CNN as fake news and he has put them on the spot for it a few times, even refusing to answer their questions.

Now project Veritas is gearing up to put the last nail in the coffin. They’re offering 10,000 dollars to anyone who can release information that will legally expose CNN for media malfeasance.

See the video that has just been released below…

I’ve always thought it would be the whistle blowers inside who needed to rise up and defend this country with the information they have and know is false and hurting Americans. These would be the patriots of the day if they come out in mass and aid this administration in the draining of the swamps.

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