Muslims are outraged at this pastor’s sign outside his Church but he refuses to take it down!

Muslim’s are so bold about their god “Allah” but when this Christian church stood up against this false god, all hell broke loose! The pastor is within his rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion but people are calling the signs “hateful”.

KATU reported:

The view from the Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church is beautiful, but many say the messages outside the church are downright ugly.

The reader board now displays two messages. The first reads, “Wake up Christians. Allah is not our God. Muhammad not greater than Jesus.” The second says, “Only the Bible is God’s word. ‘Holy book.’ Koran is just another book.”

“I literally had to stop and back up and make sure I saw what I saw, and I was profoundly offended and upset by it,” Eric Cohn said.

Cohn, a Hood River resident, first spotted the message while he was out for a bike ride. He couldn’t believe what he was reading, and he isn’t the only one.

Given the liberal smear campaign on Trump, twisting his words and policies into a “Muslim hating, Muslim ban” stories like this just add fuel to the fire. I’m sure President Trump will be blamed for these signs too.

Do you think this is a way to show the love of Christ? Do you think this pastor is doing right by standing up for the one true God? Please let us know what you think below! Thanks!

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  1. OMEGA 2


  2. Thomas

    I would not waste a drop of water to throw on a Muslim on fire ! They are the scum of the entire World . They can take their book of lies and go to Hell!

  3. Robert

    Now I suppose you would not recognize
    Gott, Dieu, Deus, Theós, .Prussa, .Magatal,
    I suppose it just boils down to not wanting anyone to support the Muslim religion even though the worship the same GOD that Chrisatians do, and always have.
    Hate is aterrible thing and can take away the most important part of life.
    Allah is jut another language word for GOD just like all the other words I posted above not every language is the same.

    • Tarheel

      I beg to differ, Allah does not appear to be a god of love. Instead it would seem to be a god who wants to severely punish anyone that strays from his laws. No where in the Koran is the word “love” mentioned. Christianity is all about God who loves his children Evan though we stray. It’s why he sent his son who died for our sins so that we may be forgiven and have eternal life. Nowhere are 72 virgins mentioned which is nothing more than an earthly pleasure promised by a pedophile posing as a messenger from God.

      • efred

        It’s actually 72 raisins, or grapes. It was discovered recently by a group of literary archeologists, and the word that has been translated, was originally meant to be raisins, or grapes, because it was a rare, delectable fruit, which makes it all the more ironic.

    • efred

      No, they don’t. They deny that Jesus is the Son of God. Therefore, if they deny that, they are NOT from God, but from Satan.

      Some literary scholars researched the origins of Allah, and discovered that it was the god of lies and destruction. So, how can Allah be another name for God? It would be more apt to class it as another name for Satan.

  4. robert bizek

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  5. DRLJR

    What people have to keep in mind is that the Arabic word “Allah” is a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god), and simply means “the god”. When one does real research is was used to reference the god Hubal. Hubal is associated with the moon and is chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods ad goddesses. Mohammad worked hard to create a monotheist religion that only involved Hubal. When one reads the Qur’an one finds Mohammad allowed the worship of the goddesses al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat for a while. Islam has no relationship with Judaism or Christianity. 978-0-913321-01-0 is the ISBN of Qur’an that was original translated into English back in early 1900s by an Islam citizen. It has both the Arabic and English with it.

  6. DRLJR

    The other thing to learn is that Islam is NOT a religion. It is a theocracy that has been waging war for 1400 years. People need to learn Islam’s real history.

  7. Lobo

    allah never was a god. he started off as a bully and had so many try to assassinate him, he started a new regime. bullys


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