When you have someone that got as many votes in the election as President Trump did, you have to sit and think about how much rigging that to go on for him to have to deal with what he is dealing with right now.

It seems that every single one of the people that were in charge of counting the votes threw away some of the votes that should have gone for Trump in order to let Biden take a fraudulent lead.

It’s sad that as a nation we have regressed to a Cold War state of mind where we just toss out the ballots of the people we don’t like. That is the thing about the Democrats is that they are bending and breaking the rules so much that it isn’t even funny anymore.

Every patriot in America has been “standing back and standing by” for marching orders. President Donald Trump, our commander in chief, issued those orders on Friday. Stop the Steal! “The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C., will take place at 11:00 A.M. on January 6th.” That’s what Americans have been waiting a long time to hear. Five years, to the day.

On Friday, President Donald Trump promised that “massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th.” Twitter can’t add the warning labels fast enough.

Along with that, he shared Senator Josh Hawley’s post. The Missouri Republican has already taken a stand to defend rule of law and the Constitution. “Millions of voters concerned about election integrity deserve to be heard. I will object on January 6 on their behalf.”

Hawley made an appearance on leftward-tilted Faux News to explain to the RINO’s, who still think Fox is worth watching, that he’s going to object to the fraudulent certification by the Electoral College because “someone has to stand up.” At least one senator backs the president.

A massive army of patriots have already begun marching on Washington, D.C. to finish what they started five years ago. The Commander in chief tweeted New Year’s day, “The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, D.C., will take place at 11:00 A.M. on January 6th.” His orders are clear… “Stop the Steal!” Patriots who have been standing back and standing by are itching to boogie-woogie. We The People made it crystal clear that Congress is in breach of contract. They’ve had five full years to do something about it. If Congress won’t act, We The People will.

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  1. neo

    And for his stance against voter fraud, JOSH HAWLEY gets his home vandalized and then he is getting threats….Imagine if this were one of the fake “whistle blowers” against Trump….

  2. Jim Delaney

    “If congress doesn’t act, we the people will.” Sounds terribly hollow, but I hold out at least some hope that the People will have the guts, fortitude,, commonsense and honor to act.

  3. Big Ed

    Democrats are interested in gaining power only and they are willing to stoop to any level to gain it. Through deception during ballot counting they effectively nullified the will of 75 million citizens and by having scoundrels in charge of all of the means of challenging this power grab they have effectively cut off all means of redress, but by doing so they leave those citizens with only two choices: capitulate and give up your country or kick your way out of the box they have placed you in. For a true American patriot, there is only one choice-start kicking.

  4. Bama Bill

    Look what “GREAT” accomplishments the Dems have, “___”! NONE! I lived in Detroit in the 1970’s, when it was a “BOOM” town of 1.8 MILLION. Today, over 1.2 MILLION have left! hundreds of blocks of bulldozed houses. Gary, Indiana, a “Ghost Town” now. 1,800 companies have moved out of California in the last year. ONLY 4,174 people shot in Chicago in 2020, Only 719 if those died. Now NYC and New York have people moving out, lots of rentals and sales available. I remember when OCF moved it’s headquarters from NYC to Toledo, Ohio. People that came to see Toledo were amazed! They could buy a big suburban home for a fraction of what their NYC apartment cost, and only a 10 minute drive to the office! Plus great schools and Lake Erie within an hour from home. Maybe NYC will be the next Detroit?


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