So, I wonder if it is a little too early to roll out the “WE TOLD YOU SO” banner for the liberals.

SEOUL (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was ready to allow international inspectors into the North’s nuclear and missile sites.

Secretary Pompeo made the announcement after meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the weekend in Pyongyang. Secretary Pompeo informed reporters that there were only logistical details at the present that needed to be agreed to.

So Hillary, what do you have to say about that now?

Last November, perpetual failure Hillary Clinton made a point to try and undermine as best she could President Trump’s approach to North Korea.

In the hour long appearance that could best be described as haphazard Clinton blasted Trump for his hard line attacks on North Korea as the country was in the middle of nuclear missile testing.

Clinton also warned that war may have been imminent if the United States didn’t pursue a softer tone. You know, keep someone from robbing your house by baking them cookies or the like.

A year ago, the hypocritical deception said she wants to see the resumption of denuclearization talks among six-nations – China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea and the U.S.  

But when Clinton took over the State Department under President Barack Obama, she cut off those talks.  Then, last November, Clinton actually had the gall to say:

“It appears they [the administration of President Trump] have withdrawn their global responsibility and leadership, which has raised question about stability in Asia-Pacific as well as the state power of the U.S.”

That statement certainly hasn’t aged well, has it.  Then again, neither has Hillary.

How lucky are the people of North Korea that Donald Trump was elected instead of this mistress of doublespeak and deception?

Because of Trump’s philosophy of “Peace through Strength” the world is becoming a safer place and the people of North Korea now have hope for a prosperous future.

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  1. Tony

    She’s a white and female Obama, her actions are a direct about face to her talks. Meaning a liar just like Obama who’s words aren’t worth a cent!


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