It started out as a typical Friday morning.

Happy and Christy Wade left their house to take their senior cat, Caroline Faith, to the vet and while getting into their car, the couple’s relaxed morning quickly turned chaotic when the woman was taken by surprise and attacked from behind, leaving her husband in the middle of a real-life nightmare, it was all caught on video on how the husband flies into action.

The bizarre video, according to TMZ, was recorded in Pender County as a man and his wife prepared to get in the car. Happy was carrying a pan of brownies, and Christy was carrying their cat, Caroline, in a carrier. It was a Friday morning, and they were on their way to a veterinarian in Wilmington, about 25 miles away, for a routine appointment.

“Good morning,” Happy said cheerfully to a passing jogger before remarking,I need to wash my car.”

That’s when Christy said she heard an angry growl. She thought it was just a neighborhood cat. But it was a rabid bobcat crawling out from under a car in the driveway.

Seconds later, the wild bobcat then attacked Christy from behind, making her scream out loud.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” she screamed, as the bobcat sank its teeth into her left hand and then crawled up her back, and onto her shoulder.

The attack was captured by the Wades’ home-security camera in a video that ricocheted across the internet.


Christy’s husband, Happy, heard the screams and immediately knew something was hurting his wife. He came running around the corner.

As she tries to flee, the terrified woman is sent screaming around the vehicle, telling Happy to run away.

“Oh my god! Run, Happy, run!”

The 46-second clip put a spotlight on Happy’s split-second reaction to his wife’s screams.


Happy ran to his wife, pulled the bobcat off her back, and held the animal aloft with his bare hands, as it writhed and growled.

“Oh, my God, it’s a bobcat!” he screamed.

Then he hurled the animal across the lawn.

“Get out! Get out! Get out!” Happy who has a concealed-carry permit shouted before pulling out a pistol. But the bobcat darted back under the car. Using an expletive, Mr. Wade shouted that he would “shoot” the animal and warned the jogger to stay away.

“Watch out!” he said. “It’s a bobcat that attacked my wife.”

According to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, a bobcat was killed on April 9 in Burgaw’s Creekside neighborhood. The animal was rabid, according to tests conducted at the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health.

“As you probably know, someone who gets bit by a rabid animal must undergo extremely painful rabies shots, We don’t know if the woman was bitten, but judging from the screams it seems she was,” TMZ explained.

Christy later learned that the bobcat had attacked another neighbor about 10 minutes earlier, she said in an interview.

She claimed that following the attack, they visited an emergency room. She claimed to have other wounds in addition to bite and scratch marks on her hand, arm, and back. Her husband had deep scratches and bite marks on his hand. She claimed that both received rabies vaccinations and antibiotics.

Watch the video footage below:

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